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     Forestdale Fire District has been serving the Forestdale community, as a fire district, with fire protection since 1973. On September 26, 1972, an election was held concerning the creation of a fire district. The Hillview Fire District was established January 1, 1973.

     Sometime during 1986, the Hillview 78 West Fire District was renamed to Forestdale Fire District. Currently we serve 18 square miles and approximately 20,000 citizens. Five men are on duty 24 hours a day at 2 stations, Station One being located on Heflin Avenue East in the Hillview area and Station Two located on Highway 78 by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department sub-station.
     Fire departments are rated by the Insurance Services Office, often called ISO, as a guide to how well departments are equipped and staffed. The highest score possible from ISO is a "Class 1" rating. The lower the Class of the department the more savings to you through discounts in your homeowners insurance (State Farm does not participate in the ISO Grading system, they use a zip code verses loss claims, shopping insurance companies could save you hundreds of dollars).
      Through the years, the Hillview Fire District, later to be called Forestdale Fire District, had received the following ratings:
Established a class 10 rating after creation of district.
March 26, 1973. Upgraded ISO rating from 10 to 8.
May 15, 1977. Upgraded ISO rating from 8 to 7.
December, 1979. Upgraded ISO rating from 7 to 6.
March 1, 1984. Upgraded ISO rating from 6 to 5/9.
1987. Rating upgraded from 5/9 to a 3/9 because of the construction of Station 2, put in service January of 1987.
1988. Rating upgraded from 3/9 to a 3 due to the sale of Hillview Water Works to the Birmingham Water Works.
2016. Rating upgraded from 3 to a 2 due to communication, equipment and staffing improvements.
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Committed to providing the highest standard of life and property protection for the Forestdale community
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Forestdale Fire District
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