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Forestdale Fire District
   I began my service with Forestdale Fire District in 1979 as a volunteer.
I was hired as a fulltime Firefighter/Paramedic on 07/30/1983, and became chief of the department on 01/09/1986.
   I have always believed in my community and feel the people we serve deserve nothing but the best service that we can provide, and that it is my responsibility to insure we accomplish this task with all the resources available to us.
Donald E. Melton, Chief
Mark Patton, Fire Marshal
Marvin Fletcher
Board of Trustees
Durwood Sims
Dept. Chaplain
   Forestdale Fire District is currently composed of 20 full-time personnel who make up three 24 hour shifts of 5 per shift. Our personnel are trained in fire suppression, emergency medicine, hazardous materials, technical rescue and disaster response.
Committed to providing the highest standard of life and property protection for the Forestdale community
Beatrice Jones
Edward L Hardison
Janet Clayton Secretary
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 Additional man power is supplied by part-time firefighters and volunteers. Part-time firefighters work in the absence of a full-time firefighter. Volunteers maintain their position by fulfilling a required amount of training each month. (see programs)
Rev. 01/04/2014